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Street Dance

All classes:

Girls: Black tracksuit trousers/jogging bottoms (cuffed) & Black Dance Trainers, CoD T-shirt (standard, 3/4 sleeve or black).  Black leggings may be worn in summer if wanted

Boys: Black tracksuit trousers/jogging bottoms (cuffed) & Black Dance Trainers, CoD T-shirt (standard, or 3/4 sleeve)

** Please note that long hair must be tied away from the face and off the neck for class.  Students attending with their hair down or in their face will be asked to do their hair or sit out and watch, as it is dangerous and unhealthy to train with hair all over the place.

Students should wear dance trainers that are all black in colour and that they only wear inside.  They should NOT wear their dance trainers to travel to the studio - using outdoor footwear will damage the studio surface and may play a part in another student hurting themselves.  Students in inappropriate footwear may be asked to remove the shoes prior to the lesson and may be required to sit out of certain parts of class where the support of shoes is required.

Black Swing Top   Vest topStreetdance Uniformcriss-cross-dance-sneakers-p468-7060-medium.jpg  CoD 3/4 Sleeve T-shirt