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All Levels Footwear: Bare Feet (foot thongs may be worn from L2/Junior Contemporary in lessons if students want them)

All Levels - Boys: Close fitting CoD T-shirt any colour and black dance trousers/dance shorts

All Levels - Girls:  Royal Blue sleeveless catsuit 

(we are happy that a CoD T-shirt may be worn over the top of the catsuit for lessons as a warm up or as a cover-up if there are body awareness sensitivities)

Level 3 & 4 Contemporary

Female: Royal Blue sleeveless catsuit or alternative of CoD T-shirt or vest top, with black dance trousers/shorts/leggings

Male: Black dance shorts or leggings with CoD t-shirt or vest top


All adults must wear appropriate dance footwear, which includes: bare feet, foot thongs or jazz shoes. Adults are not required to wear 'uniform' but should be in suitable clothing, which is stretchy, comfortable and well fitted, allowing the teacher to see the body clearly and the student a very wide range of movement.  Hair should be tied back and off the face.