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Covid-19 Update

Colours of Dance is open for in-person classes, with zoom access to classes available to those who are well, but required to self-isolate, and who might benefit from being able to attend a class remotely.  Please note that zoom access is not offered for reasons other than covid isolating, except at the discretion of the the Principal.

If you are required to self-isolate, have covid symptoms or a positive test, please get in touch and we can organise the right access for you.  If you have had a positive test, have covid symptoms or have been in close contact with a confirmed case, you should not attend in person.  

Attendance in person is the gold standard for the best experience when learning dance.  As all our classes have a maximum limit, we will work carefully with all registered pupils to ensure that everyone has a place in class.

Colours of Dance will continue to operate throughout all uncertainty, providing material to existing & new students via the internet any time this winter that we are in a state of restricted movements. We will continue providing material on the same termly schedule laid out below and will respond flexibly to the changing situation, so that our pupils can Keep Dancing!

Studio Term Times

Autumn Term 2023 - Studio

Term starts: Saturday 9 September
Half term: Saturday 21 October - Sunday 29 October
Term ends: Saturday 16 December

Spring Term 2024 - Studio

Term starts: Saturday 6 January
Half term: Saturday 17 February - Sunday 25 February
Term ends: Saturday 23 March

Summer Term 2024 - Studio

Term starts: Saturday 20 April
Half term: Saturday 25 May - Sunday 2 June
Term ends: Monday 15 July

 Outreach Term Times

Autumn Term 2023 - Perse Prep

Term starts: Wednesday 6 September
Half term: Saturday 21 October - Sunday 29 October
Term ends: Wednesday 13 December

SJCS Autumn Term 2023

Term starts: Friday 22 September
Half term: Saturday 21 October - Saturday 28 October
Term ends: Friday 1 December