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New Spring Timetable

A pictoral version of the full timetable as shown in this website list Classes - By Type will be loaded here shortly.

Click for the picture! timetable-master-spring-2022-.pdf

Covid-19 - Policies in force

The following additional policies will be in force during the Covid-19 Pandemic and relate to health & safety measures to be implemented across the school.  These Policies have been reviewed and revised, and are effective from 1st September 2021. 

Covid 19 Health & Safety Policy Excerpt

Medical Declaration Information

Covid Cleaning Protocols in Force

Covid-19 Special Risk Assessment

If you would like to raise any concerns or issues, or discuss any of these policies or processes, please do kindly send an email or phone us up!  We are really happy to answer questions and to work closely with you all to keep us all safe.

Term Dates 2021-22musicality.jpg

We are Currently in the Autumn Term, which is 13 weeks

Saturday 11th September to Saturday 11th December (inclusive)

Half Term: Saturday 23rd to Saturday 31st October (inclusive)

During half terms and holiday periods our phones will be unattended and any emails sent will be replied to in due course.  So email or leave a message and we will get back to you when we have rested!

For Classes At CoD Studios.  Please note that Outreach classes held at St John's College School & the Perse Prep will run in line with the clubs term at these schools.  Details ofthe full year may be found here: Term Dates

Black Lives Matter

Every person at Colours of Dance believes Black Lives Matter. 

We are committed to having a culture in our school that is safe and does not support, enable or turn a blind eye to discrimination of any kind.  Decisions in any aspect of the school, whether they are about recruitment, costumes, uniform, exam or show participation or anything else, will be made after an open & transparent process has taken place and we will, at all times, seek to listen to individual feelings and need, learning and adapting as we do.

We published 'An Ethos for a Dance Education’ some years ago.  We are listening to and learning from the Black Lives Matter movement, and have returned to this document to ensure that our statement of ethics and the language used, is considerate to the black person’s experience.  To read the Ethos in full, please click here: Notices - from Miss Imogen

We would be glad to hear from any person at any time who wishes to share their thoughts or experience about this issue.

'Office Hours' 

'Office Hours' - meaning when you can speak to someone by phone - are 10am to 6pm during term times.  RAD RTS Genee 2015

Outside term times, our hours are much more restricted, but we do monitor email and the answer machine, so if you leave a message, we will get back to you within a couple of days (though not hours!).  

Emails will be answered, so email us if you have our email address or use the contact form on this website Contact Us

The Mark of a Good Teachermark-of-quality-factsheet.jpgmark-of-quality-factsheet-short-1-.jpg

During the lockdown period of COVID-19 it is important that you as parents know that your child is getting the best quality of teaching in a safe environment.

ISTD have greated guidelines for parents and a poster for their members to show parents about these guidelines.  The initiative is designed to reassure you that as reputable teachers and members of the ISTD, at Colours of Dance, we are doing our best to give you what we promised and also what is expected.

Here is a checklist for you to check that we are giving our best and following guidelines.  If you click on either of these images, they will take you to the ISTD website where you may read more information.




Lost Property

If you leave something behind at the studios or in the changing room, if it is named we will bring it into the office and drop you a note about it so you know to collect it.  If it is not named, then we will have to dispose of it.  

So please check before you leave that you do indeed have everything you brought with you - like your shoes!

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Mobile Phone Number

We have a mobile number which you can text or call to quickly contact us. The number is 07444 452924. Please store this number in your phones (or wherever you keep this sort of information!) and use it when:

1. You are stuck in traffic and will be late, or won’t make it at all
2. You collect a child from school that day because they are poorly and you won’t be bringing them to class
3. You are delayed for pick up at the end of class and want us to hold onto your child safely until you get here

We will use it to text or call you in the event of an emergency or a sudden cancellation of class - so by storing this number, you know who the call/text is from.

Please check back often for new notices.