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Petra Enrico


Petra Enrico

MSc MACP MCSP HCPC, Chartered Physiotherapist

Petra is a physiotherapist who has specialised in musculoskeletal rehabilitation for many years and currently works at Bury Physio, a large private physiotherapy practice.  She has previously worked in the NHS for 19 years, the last twelve years of this was at Addenbrookes hospital, where the majority of this time was part time in the spinal triage service. This involved working closely with rheumatologists & neurosurgeons, seeing patients with neck and back pain  and being involved with investigations. 

Currently, Petra commonly sees people with sports injuries, sprains and strains, back or neck pain, and overuse injuries. Treatment usually involves advice, hands on therapy and active exercises, with the aim to improve symptoms and to reduce recurrence. She is also interested in prevention and aiming to optimise the way people move to reduce strain and improve efficiency of body movement.  

Petra also enjoys attending adult ballet classes regularly at Colours of Dance.