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Why a uniform/specialist dancewear is required

Our uniform has been carefully thought out and constructed to offer the most appropriate materials, style, comfort and aesthetic for most people.  They are also cut appropriately for dancers in training, so that their bodies are able to breathe, move freely, to enable movement and allow the teachers to see what’s going on and correct appropriately.  We also feel that a school uniform engenders a sense of belonging and cohesion, and removes any concerns or worries children have about 'keeping up' with others who may be able to purchase new dancewear more regularly.  It also ensures that the second hand system set up (see below) supports budgetary concerns that may be felt by some, as children grow fast and dancewear has a pretty long life.

When students are preparing to take exams, they will also be required to attend the exam wearing the recommended uniform for that level, genre and examining board.  We have reviewed these requirements and do so regularly to try to ensure that the Colours of Dance uniform is also acceptable exam wear, so that parents and students are not required to make additional outlay in order to participate in a exam, and also so that the students themselves feel comfortable wearing dancewear they are used to on a day when they will be understandably nervous.

However, we would be upset if someone were put off dance by a uniform in which they are uncomfortable for ethnic, racial or religious reasons.  For example, the standard/traditional female ballet tights and shoe colour is a 'flesh' pink, but this represents a pale or Caucasian skin tone.  If you would prefer to wear a colour of socks or ballet shoes that match your own skin tone more closely, we would live this.  For advice or access to other tones of shoes and tights, please speak to our supplier at Attitude Dancewear, as they will be able advice, help and supply items for you, or look online.  If there are other items of the uniform which pose a problem for you or your child, then please come and speak to any of us, who will warmly welcome your questions and discussion and help you find a suitable alternative that works both for the training and for the dancer (whatever their age).  Attitude Dancewear

  • All uniform may be purchased from Attitude Dancewear (www.attitudedancewear.co.uk) either online or in the shop.
  • All Colours of Dance students are eligible for a 10% discount in Attitude - just collect your discount card from your teacher or the studios office.  www.attitudedancewear.co.uk/enter-online-shop/childrens-dancewear/dance-school-uniform/colours-of-dance   
  • Hair must be tied up off the neck and away from the face securely for all students (boys and girls) in all classes.

All new uniform orders should be placed with Attitude Dancewear.  We hold a number of second hand items at the CoD studios which we buy and sell between parents, if this is of interest to you, you can either pop in the office or use the Contact form to make an enquiry.

Why Attitude?  

Attitude are a specialist dancewear shop and have a really good reputation, as well as being the only supplier in town.  They are also fully trained pointe shoe fitters - the next closest is London - and they carry a range suitable for all types of feet and experience, even being able to order in custom fitted where necessary.

We want to make buying dancewear as money friendly as possible, so we have agreed a special discount with Attitude for Colours of Dance students of 10%.  This discount will apply to all the stock in the shop, not just CoD uniform items. You can pop in the office to get a discount card which has the online discount code on.

How to get your Uniform

Ordering uniform can be done in a number of different ways - online via the Attitude Website (find the link in your CoD basket), by phone, or by walking into the shop!  When you’ve placed your order, then you may also choose to have the items sent to the studios to be ready and waiting for your next lesson (there will be a charge of £1), you can collect your items from the shop, or have them posted to your home address for the price of the postage. 

Contact Attitude:


Attitude Dancewear and Costume Supplies
Level 1 182 Histon Road!  Right Downstairs!!

01223 322227


When placing an order, it would be useful to supply the following information if you are not size you need:

If you are a current student:

  • Current uniform size being replaced (i.e. if your current leotard is a size 1 and you need a larger size we know you need a '2'),
  • The size of their current dance shoe

If you are a new student:

  • Your child's age - and the age of clothes they normally wear if different
  • Your child's shoe size 
  • Adults: normal shoe size and clothing size

Bun Kits For Sale

As a neat bun is advised for our ballet students, we thought it would be helpful to put together some bun kits to help make things easier. Each kit includes instructions and all the required hair accessories and can be purchased from the office for just £2.50.