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Teacher Bio - Jane Mansley

Jane Mansley

Jane Mansley

Associate Teacher: Pilates (Body Control)

I am a Body Control and ActiveIQ Level 3 qualified Pilates instructor, trained to the Intermediate Matwork level. I am also a qualified Exercise to Music teacher, and run a range of Pilates and aerobics classes in and around Cambridge. My guiding principle is that improving health and fitness should be open to all, whether or not you consider yourself to be strong, coordinated, or flexible. Exercise should be safe and fun, and give a sense of achievement, so that you can enjoy looking after yourself for life. 

Before moving into fitness instruction, I was a scientist, gaining a PhD in genetics, and going on to work as a conservation biologist for ten years. I apply my scientific thinking to my work, and my practice is based on an objective analysis of the latest research. As a Registered Exercise Professional, I am committed to continued professional development, and keep my skills up-to-date with regular courses and workshops.