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Teacher Bio - Christina Hudson

Christina Hudson

Christina Hudson

Associate Teacher: Ballet

I enrolled in dance classes at a young age and quickly fell in love with Classical ballet, which led to a 16-year career as a professional dancer with Ballet Magnificat in Jackson Mississippi.   I had the privilege of performing in over 15 original classical and contemporary works traveling extensively stateside and abroad.

Trained in the Russian Vaganova Method I had the honour to assist and then teach classes of students from a young age whilst still performing.   As is often the case for many professional dancers, I also taught master classes all over the world in addition to a daily studio setting. I really love challenging dancers in the fundamentals of classical ballet, whilst applying the artistry of expression within that medium!

I have just reloacted to Cambridge and will be continuing my devlopment as a teacher by training in the RAD method and taking over some syllabus classes at Colours of Dance.   I will also be assiting Miss Imogen with the more senior students, helping her to develop them to their full portential and perhaps prepare them for a career in dance.