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Teacher Bio - Lucy McMahon

Lucy McMahon

Lucy McMahon

Associate Teacher: Contemporary & Choreography


Lucy is studying for a MFA in Choreography at the University of Roehampton, and teaches contemporary dance, yoga and dance fitness all around Cambridge. She is trained in Graham, Limon and Cunningham technique and has a special interest in Brazilian funk and the dance style of 'passinho' after spending several months in Rio de Janeiro completing fieldwork for a PhD at the University of Cambridge. Recent choreographic work includes 'Treatise', 'Kepler's Trial' and '2 sides of the moon' (see http://lucymcmahon.wixsite.com/home/2-sides-of-the-moon for more details). She is currently working on a new piece for February 2018 that explores people's experiences of the justice system through dance and spoken word and is always interested to hear new ideas to expand the visibility and power of dance in Cambridge.