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Strength & Conditioning For any student aged 7+

Created to help students develop strength and understanding in their bodies that will help them dance better.  This class is multi-disciplinary, open to all, and particularly suitable for boys and those more advanced students wahting extra time to be led by a teacher in exercises that are good for you - it's good to do your exercises with others and under the eye of a teacher for correction!

Arranged in the timetable between Boys Ballet, and unset ballet class and other syllabus classes, we hope this will develop a wide following and be really useful for our students.

In order to maximise access, we are also able to offer access tio this class virtually, as standard, so that students who wish to do strengthening exercises at home, or who can't travel in that day, or if the class is full onsite (!) can also access and benefit.


Fitness classes held at the Colours of Dance Studios Include:

Pilates Pilates is a form of exercise, body conditioning, stretching and strengthening that is compatible with all forms of dance and exercise, to increase your own body-knowledge and alignment, as well as your overall well-being. From the complete beginner with no previous exercise knowledge, to people who are already active and interested in sport and fitness, through to the older generation, Pilates will work for you.

BarreConcept - BabyBarreConcept - BarreConcept Teen Fitness This challenging but fun workout focusing on the whole body. The class mixes cardio, resistance and strengthening exercises which can be low impact or high, depending on the individuals ability. This fun but challenging workout is choreographed to motivational music and NO dance experience required. So if you have two left feet... don’t worry! This workout just requires a love to keep fit. I have gone on to customise the approach to work with Babies and their Mums in my BabyBarreConcept, and to energise young people in my Teen Fitness classes.

Power Pilates I believe Power Pilates is a great series of exercises to develop control over your body and mind, to improve your core strength and the flexibility of your spine, to reach and exceed your limits and to get to love and accept yourself, and become more balanced.

CoreXperience I developed the CoreXperience Programme, which is a unique series of movements designed to help clients develop their balance, flexibility, core strength and a positive mind-set. I trained at The Body Transformation Academy in London and qualified as a Personal Trainer [Level 3]​​ as well as a Pre- and Post-natal Trainer [Level 4]. I am also a qualified in Sports and Exercise Nutrition; Advanced Nutrition for Extreme Weight Loss and Child Nutrition for Obesity and Diabetes.

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* ((BOUNCE))â„¢* 10 minutes at ((BOUNCE))â„¢ is the same as a 30 minute run - plus the whole point of jumping on a trampoline is to have fun! There's oodles of scientific research on the benefits, but most notably, NASA calls it "The most effective exercise yet devised by man" due to the extra gravitational force that the trampoline pad adds.


Performed on mini trampolines, ((BOUNCE))â„¢ makes exercise fun with choreographed dance routines. ((BOUNCE))â„¢ improves weight loss 3 times quicker than floor based workouts due to opposing gravity and added g-force.

DDMIX (Dance, Diverse, Mix), a fun, energetic full body aerobic workout using dance steps created by Darcey Bussell is a new focus to get more people up and dancing.

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Boys Dance

At Colours of Dance, all classes are open to boys as well as girls (and of course at adult level, to men alongside women). All our teachers are skilled at ensuring that male dancers are incorporated into the class with age-appropriate language and imagery so that they feel equally involved, understood and the relevant differences in positions and posture recognised.

Boys Ballet In general dance classes, or in syllabus classes, it is quite possible that girls/women will outnumber the boys/men, and for some, particularly young boys starting out on their dance journey, this changes how they feel about coming. For this reason, we have established Boys Ballet classes on Saturdays, for boys aged 6 to 14 (approx), so that our young men can find their feet in a male-only environment, with a totally male focus on music, language and imagery. Once they know they love dance for itself, often our boys then become ready to add syllabus classes and are totally comfortable holding their own alongside the girls in a mixed class.

Because we prize our boys and make space for them, we are happy to say that there are many boys throughout our school at all ages, and in some streetdance classes, they can even outnumber the girls!

So if your boy would like to dance, please register him for any class that he is interested in.

Pilates & Body Conditioning


Pilates is a mindful exercise system designed to strengthen the body in a balanced way, with an emphasis on proper alignment, flexibility and control. It re-educates the mind and body to improve posture and promote efficient, graceful movement. Although perhaps most famous for developing core strength, Pilates aims to evenly strengthen the whole body. Joseph Pilates developed the exercises in the early to mid twentieth century, taking inspiration from various disciplines, including yoga, gymnastics and martial arts.

Suitable for all levels of physical fitness, Pilates is used by sports people, including Andy Murray and Tiger Woods, to keep on the top of their game, by film stars, such as Cameron Diaz, to keep in shape, and by older adults, such as Joan Bakewell and Pam Ayres to support healthy ageing. Those who try Pilates quickly become devotees, and find that their Pilates sessions are a highlight of the week - as they leave each class feeling lighter, stronger and more relaxed.

Tuesday's & Thursday's classes at the Colours of Dance Studios are led by Body Control Pilates instructor Sally Parker qualified to Matwork Master Teacher Level (advanced);

Friday's classes at the Colours of Dance Studios are led by Level 3 Pilates instructor Jane Mansley.

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